Technology in the context of art, is artistic enablement on an unprecedented scale. Technology has profoundly changed how we consume /interact with and perceive almost everything and it has also consistently advanced how artists express themselves.

Photographic technology, with its ability to accurately document reality, freed painters to pursue abstraction.  Similarly, digitization freed photographers from recording reality and enabled abstract exploration. Today we can blend all these mediums to create truly unique contemporary works- celebrating both the artistic techniques of the past enhanced by technological advances of the day.

My art is at a form of tech enhanced photo-painting called Glitch art.  Glitch is a new art form that is all about randomly corrupting, bending and destroying data in an image to create an unpredictable esthetic.  The experimental nature of Glitch enables the creation of unique images that defer to the whim of technology.  The images are abstract, surrealistic and non-repeatable.  My work seeks to expand our traditional notions of photography as medium for strict representation blurring the lines between digital and other traditional mediums.  

My work is an examination of the different forms of chaos created by technology.  Glitch art alludes to the turmoil of our brave new world via an unpredictable and chaotic digital esthetic. It’s a commentary about both our future and past through this new lens.