I destroy to create.

I describe my work as “Abstract Techspressionism”, a new form of abstract photography characterized by generating intentional and erratic image errors.

My current work is part of the Glitch art movement; which is defined as randomly corrupting, bending and degrading data in an image to create an unpredictable aesthetic. The experimental nature of Glitch enables me to create completely unique images that defer to the whim of technology.  

Photography is my medium but my art isn’t about recording a moment in time. Rather, I create abstract images by databending and manipulating the underlying pixels. Glitching pushes the boundaries of photography into new visual possibilities. Both painting and photography are my two passions and I found a way to turn light and pixels into pigment and paint. Often, I also enjoy layering my art with old fashioned hand painting. 

A common thread in my work is the use of intense, deep saturated colors as a means of projecting emotional content and eliciting that same response from my audience. 

I studied art at the New York School of the Arts but photography has always been my primary passion and a self-taught hobby. After a long career in Marketing and Healthcare, I recently took on art full time, after my father’s passing. My art has been influenced by all the places I have lived in; Europe, Canada, the US, the Middle East, and all the people I has loved. 

When one is on fire..creatively speaking !

When one is on fire..creatively speaking !